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Beyond Lasik – A Great Article

Laser eye surgery has only been with us for about twenty-five years. Dr. Sheldon Herzig, Medical director at the Herzig Eye Institute, has been operating on eyes for thirty-seven. But he’s quick to point out there while Lasik is a fit for many patients, there are often better treatments and options depending on a person’s specific needs.

“Most people are aware of LASIK,” says Dr. Herzig. “But they are usually not aware that for some people, there are better procedures to correct their vision.”

Not every eye is a nail for LASIK’s hammer

Not only are there a number of extremely effective non-laser alternatives to LASIK, there are also non-LASIK laser treatments. When consumers are not aware of the options available to them, there is a real danger of ending up with a less than optimal outcome. “There are just so many technologies out there,” says eye surgeon Dr. Catherine Eplett, “and not everybody is a candidate for every procedure.”

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